PMX registers an electronic profile of the municipality with all bill pay originators, eliminating the need for multiple integrations. Based on the billers' profile, the originators will convert the related consumer bill pay payments from paper to electronic, vastly improving the speed at which those payments gets posted, reducing the number of customer service calls related to payment status, service interruptions and late-payment fee disputes.

“PMX is a user-friendly and affordable option for our city. The processing of our customers’ online banking payments has been nothing short of a dream come true, being so easy to implement and use.”
Elk River Municipal Utilities, MN
“I have found PMX very helpful in the collection of water payments from the customers' online banking. Before it took us 4 to 10 days to receive paper checks from these customers, and now with PMX we get the notification of the payment on the day the customer requested us to receive it. I would recommend PMX to anyone considering them.”
City of Marion, IL
“Switching to PMX for processing bank checks has been an excellent experience. It has taken a task that could require a few hours a day and transformed it into a 15-minute event. The system is easy to use and, after getting through the initial cycle, is a breeze to maintain.”
Town of Vinton, VA
“We started tracking how many payments we get from PMX in 2006 which started with about 250. By July 2010 the count was over 725 payments. That’s 725 paper checks we don’t have to manually process. The City of Buffalo thinks PMX is priceless.”
City of Buffalo, MN

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