PMX helps banks and credit unions convert their consumer mortgage, loan and credit card bill pay checks to electronic ACH. Financial institutions leverage our unique filtering capabilities that allow the same customer to maintain multiple posting accounts in our mapping tables, eliminating the need to research each payment, every month. All transactions route electronically via ACH and are posted directly to customers' accounts on the banks' core platform.

“Working with PMX has eliminated a significant amount of manual processing, and payments sent to us electronically now arrive faster as well. I would recommend PMX to any institution not currently receiving online bill payments electronically.”

3Rivers Federal Credit Union, IN
“My experience with PMX has been excellent! We have been able to reduce the number of paper checks by over 2,000 in a few short months. Their customer service and support are very patient and helpful.”
Palmdale Water District, CA
“The volume of checks coming into our organization from bill pay providers was an ever-increasing problem. Within one month of utilizing PMX’s service, we decreased our manual payment processing by 90%. It has been an outstanding solution for us.”
Mountain America Federal Credit Union
“Switching to PMX for processing bank checks has been an excellent experience. It has taken a task that could require a few hours a day and transformed it into a 15-minute event. Our staff has been able to focus on new projects with the time gained and we are catching up on other tasks that have fell by the wayside. The system is easy to use and, after getting through the initial cycle, is a breeze to maintain.”
Town of Vinton, VA

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